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Corecom TV is an online video portal offering handy hints and top tips to help you with your job search. We provide a variety of digital resources, including:


Training Videos

Our training videos provide you with advice and coaching on:

  • Interview techniques and answers to common interview questions
  • What to expect at assessment centres
  • Ways to boost your confidence
  • Top CV secrets
  • Executive interviews
  • What not to say at an interview

Motivational Videos

Our inspiring motivational videos cover:

  • Keeping your spirits high during times of change and/or recession
  • How to retain a positive attitude

Planning Videos

Our planning videos provide you with:

  • Change in career advice
  • Guidance on dress codes for men and women
  • Tactics for finding your purpose, goal setting and vision boards
  • Redundancy advice
  • Unemployment advice

CV Centre

Your CV is your opportunity to shine. Our CV Centre provides you with:

  • Uur top CV secrets and a quiz to test your knowledge
  • CV quick tips
  • CV world and phrase selectors
  • CV templates

Applications Guidance

Our applications videos ensure that you are well prepared for any eventuality. They cover:

  • Interview research
  • Networking
  • Job application tips
  • Things to avoid on social media

Interview Guidance

Our videos will provide you with guidance on how to conduct your interview responses, covering:

  • Body language
  • Competency based interviews and questions
  • Interview quick start guide
  • Interview turn-offs
  • Questions to ask at interviews
  • Virtual job interviews


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