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How can we be Confident that our Office 365 Data is Secure? | Watch the Recording

We interviewed Scott Riley, Founder of Cloud Nexus, as part of our series of webinars for Leeds Digital Festival. We asked Scott:

How can we be confident that our Office 365 data is secure?

In this recording, Scott talks about how we have recently seen a big leap to working from home and that companies have learned that IT transformation doesn’t need to take months or years – it can be done quickly with the backing of the team and the company.

He states that we are in a position now where Windows 10, out of the box, does actually do a good job for all base elements of proper encryption, proper antivirus and proper VPNs; we can trust and see Microsoft as a security vendor. He emphasises that if you’re not, as a business, looking at it today then you’re seriously missing out on some great capabilities. What you get now in Microsoft Security Compliance tools is an integrated system where all tools plug back in to the same security and compliance checkpoint. There is no need to use different vendors that don’t talk to each other.

Scott states that the biggest risks to businesses currently are malware attacks via e-mail. The solution to these is implementing multi-factor authentication where a code is sent to your mobile device and you are required to key this in upon login. A multi-factor authentication request can be triggered every 30 days, can be triggered when working from different locations and used for resetting passwords. This is the number one way to improve username and password security.

Scott stresses the importance of user training and policies. Educating people by using, for example, phishing and texting simulations, showing people the types of attacks they might see. This means that people will be able to better recognise the types of threats. He also points out that Microsoft 365 has many other useful security tools such as data leakage prevention, auditing, alerting and reporting.

“We have a 60-point security health check which is drawn from the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Centre who have a recommended best practice for Office 365. We tend to find that people score around 10 out of 60 for the enabled security features and we work with them to turn on the other 50 to protect your data and protect your users.”

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