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What ‘Back to the Future’ Correctly Predicted in Tech

Back to the Future hit our screens back in 1985, when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, Ford launched its third generation of The Granada and Lewis Hamilton, Formula One Racing Driver, entered the world. Great Scott, it’s been 31 years!

It is by far one of our favourite films with loveable yet unlikely duo Doc and Marty McFly, the iconic ‘The Power of Love’ soundtrack and George McFly’s memorable left hook which sent Biff down with a bang. But what’s stuck with us the most is the remarkable fact that many of the futuristic gismos and tech gadgets covered in both films (I and II), actually now do exist!

So, in celebration of Back to the Future Day, which takes place every year on 21 October, here’s some of the things that really do exist 30+ years later, a few that exist that aren’t yet commenplace (but we’re hoping will be by the 2020s!) and some that didn’t make the grade:

Do Exist:

1. Wireless and handless video games

2. 3D movies and sequels:

3. Handheld tablet devices

4. Video conferencing

5. Wall-mounted flat panel TVs

6. Multiple TV channels


Exist but aren’t yet commonplace (but we’re hoping will be by the 2020s)

1. Hoverboards:

2. Flying cars

3. TV glasses:

4. Auto-lacing trainers:


Didn’t make the grade

1. Laser discs

2. Fax machines being the favoured form of communication

3. The double tie look

It would appear that filmmaker Rob Zemeckis was quite the pro at predicting advanced technological devices. He did miss smart phones, e-mail and Instant Messenger but he definitely did a grand job!

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So, what tech advances would you like to see in the next 30 years? Any predictions? Here’s a few that the Corecom Consulting team came up with:

  1. Teleportation – no more commuting or checking in for a flight 4 hours in advance
  2. Personal/domestic robot – cleans your house, does your ironing, keeps your fridge stocked, personal chauffeur etc
  3. An interactive house e.g. Jarvis from Iron Man

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